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ICMP access list keywords for traceroute unix application [7:71662] posted 06/30/2003
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Can somebody let me know what exact keyword (not icmp type number) should 
be used
to enable the incoming access-list for trace route unix application to work 

I know UDP should be allowed for outgoing and ICMP should be allowed for 
the incoming...
Looking for the incoming side icmp access list "key words"

For looking these keywords I did the following on the router, But its a lot 
and do not know
which one required for unix traceroute.

access-list 101 permit icmp any any ?

                         ICMP message type
   administratively-prohibited  Administratively prohibited
   alternate-address            Alternate address
   conversion-error             Datagram conversion
   dod-host-prohibited          Host prohibited
   dod-net-prohibited           Net prohibited
   echo                         Echo (ping)
   echo-reply                   Echo reply
   fragments                    Check non-initial fragments
   general-parameter-problem    Parameter problem
   host-isolated                Host isolated
   host-precedence-unreachable  Host unreachable for precedence
   host-redirect                Host redirect
   host-tos-redirect            Host redirect for TOS
   host-tos-unreachable         Host unreachable for TOS
   host-unknown                 Host unknown
   host-unreachable             Host unreachable
   information-reply            Information replies
   information-request          Information requests
   log                          Log matches against this entry
   log-input                    Log matches against this entry, including 
input interface
   mask-reply                   Mask replies
   mask-request                 Mask requests
   mobile-redirect              Mobile host redirect
   net-redirect                 Network redirect
   net-tos-redirect             Net redirect for TOS
   net-tos-unreachable          Network unreachable for TOS
   net-unreachable              Net unreachable
   network-unknown              Network unknown
   no-room-for-option           Parameter required but no room
   option-missing               Parameter required but not present
   packet-too-big               Fragmentation needed and DF set
   parameter-problem            All parameter problems
   port-unreachable             Port unreachable
   precedence                   Match packets with given precedence value
   precedence-unreachable       Precedence cutoff
   protocol-unreachable         Protocol unreachable
   reassembly-timeout           Reassembly timeout
   redirect                     All redirects
   router-advertisement         Router discovery advertisements
   router-solicitation          Router discovery solicitations
   source-quench                Source quenches
   source-route-failed          Source route failed
   time-exceeded                All time exceededs
   timestamp-reply              Timestamp replies
   timestamp-request            Timestamp requests
   tos                          Match packets with given TOS value
   traceroute                   Traceroute
   ttl-exceeded                 TTL exceeded
   unreachable                  All unreachables

Can somebody please let me know which keywords should be used for 
traceroute to work fine.?
Thank you

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