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Why FTP Not possible [7:71514] posted 06/27/2003
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Dear all
We have a currently instally installed MS Proxy ser
2.0 .All the users use it to acess internet such as
HTTP ,FTP acess through it. I have a strange problem
.My users on LAN are able to do FTP through proxy
however my users those acess through Fibre optic are
able to acess http but not ftp. 
I have 2 switches cisco2924 MXL 3com 4924 connected
via 1000baseFX port  which are saperated by 400 mtrs
.Users connected to  cisco2924 are  not able to
connect using FTP hoever they have http acess to the
internet .Why is it so?
Pls help.
Thanks in advance.

Piyush shah.

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