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Cisco 640-100 MCNS exam [7:71388] posted 06/25/2003
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PIX People,

I am currently studying for Cisco's 640-100 MCNS exam and current study
material seems a bit thin.  I have the Boson package, pretty good, a good
reference book that I have read about 3 time.

I am looking for good study scenarios where one has to step through setting
up a router, firewall etc.

I am a CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE (written) --- a 98% correct score on that exam,
so feel pretty good about things,  BUT I can tell when study materail is not
so good.  I have purchase some study notes that are really bad, lots of

I recently purchased a nice new PIX 501 firewall with 3DES and am having
fun.  I need any and all good study sources that are also pertinent to what
one is apt to see on the actual exam

The mission is to understand, not figure out how to cheat on the exam, can
anyone help?



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