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Re: PortFast and routers [7:71253] posted 06/24/2003
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>>>>  Curious 6/24/03 10:25:25 AM >>>
>I know that is a bad idea to configure a port with "portfast" when this
>connect with other switch (loops can be created), but the question is:
>I put a port connected to a router in portfast mode? A router is a layer 3
>device not a layer 2, so I think this is not a risk, am I right? This way
>the port wakes up quickly, right? And the final question: If I configure a
>portfast port with a trunk an connect it to a router?
>Thanks my friends.

It's safe to turn on portfast on any port that you know will not be
connected to another switch (or a hub that might get connected to another


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