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bgp network & sending subnet and more specifics [7:71073] posted 06/21/2003
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Suppose I have a router which has a subnet x.x.x.0/24 defined
on some interface.   Over one iBGP session I'd like to
advertise the x.x.x.0/24 subnet.  Over another iBGP session,
I'd like to advertise x.x.x.0/25 and x.x.x.128/25.  When
I config three network statements for these subnets in BGP,
only the /24 seems to be sent to the one iBGP peer.

If I define a static null route for each subnet (x.x.x.0/24,
x.x.x.0/25, and x.x.x.128/25), all three routes are advetised.

Is there a way to get the /24 and two /25s sent without
the null route?   In actuallity, the /24 will be learned
via some IGP, so can't use the nulls and the IGP will
only send the /24 and not the two /25s.


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