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RE: RE: RE: RE: number of CCIE??? [7:70328] posted 06/16/2003
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Craig Columbus wrote:

> passing from October 2002 to present.  The most recent number
> I've seen is
> 11757.  Which, averages about 170 people per month. 
> Extrapolating to
> October, the number of people passing from Oct 2002 to Oct 2003
> should turn
> out to be around 2044.  My conclusion then, is that since the
> labs stay
> booked, and since the expected doubling of the people passing
> has not
> occurred, that the new lab is somewhat more difficult than the
> old
> lab.  Therefore, the "difficulty barrier" was increased to
> partially, but
> not fully, counter the effects of lowering the "quantity
> barrier" (number
> of lab seats).  Had the difficulty been raised enough to fully
> counter the
> quantity barrier, the number of those passing would have been
> held constant.

Actually, I believe your numerical analysis is somewhat incomplete.

At the same time that Cisco made the change from 2 days to 1, Cisco also
(quietly) eliminated weekend testing.  Also, Cisco has lately banked some
test locations (i.e. Halifax).  Finally, anecdotally I've been hearing that
the number of empty seats in any particular location seems to be higher than
it was in the past.  For all these factors, I therefore don't think that
there has been a true doubling of seats.

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