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RE: RE: RE: RE: number of CCIE??? [7:70328] posted 06/16/2003
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Mark W. Odette II wrote:
> Robert, the way you described your hiring/screening process is
> the way I
> wished all Corporate America job providers did it.
> It's nice to know that at least one business out there doesn't
> hide
> behind an HR group that isn't prepared to perform the screening
> process
> properly and/or fairly.

Ah, but let's not give him more credit than he's due.  Read my reply to
him.  Essentially, while Robert's practices are commendable, he left out a
very important piece of information - namely out of all the original
candidates who submitted resumes, how exactly did he figure out who was to
be granted an interview?  Obviously he used some sort of a screening process
- # years of experience, ccie status (or lack thereof), degree (or lack
therefore), etc.

But it's obvious that he used something because it is simply impossible to
grant an interview to absolutely everybody who submits a resume.  And
whatever screening process he used to whittle the numbers down to something
manageable is inherently imperfect.    Perhaps Robert's screen is better
than ones used by HR departments around the world, but let's not kid
ourselves here - it wasn't perfect.   No matter what screen you do, you run
the risk of throwing what may turn out to be your best candidate.

And that's really the bottom line.  While we would all obviously prefer not
to be treated like some number, the fact is, no company is really prepared
to properly investigate every single candidate thorougly.  Every candidate
is going to make some sweeping generalizations that while they may not be
totally fair, are done in the name of economic efficiency.  Degree'd people
tend to be more productive than non-degree'd people.  That doesn't mean that
every single non-degree'd person is worse than every single degree'd person,
but the general rule holds enough times that companies can and will use it
as a screen.  Things like that.

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