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Re: route-map V distribute list's [7:70121] posted 06/04/2003
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A route-map is just way more flexible.

A distribute-list will afford you a single access-list in which you must 
define everything, where as a route-map allows you to use multiple 
access-lists.  This is especially important during temporary changes to 
a network topology, where a new route-map clause can be added without 
changing the existing access list.

Route-maps also allow you to match on more than the routes to be 
redistributed (such as outgoing interface, next hop IP, advertising 
router, etc).

For most implementations, I've found that a distribution list is all 
that's required.  Even so I still use route maps, because you never know 
what you'll need down the road.

- Tom

maine dude wrote:
> Hi
> Can someone clarify why you would use a route-map instead of distribute
> Thanks in advance,
> -DJ 
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