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Re: Cisco's BGP Course is Okay [7:70038] posted 06/03/2003
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Need to get your PHD first, right?? ;-> before you can start doing your 

The papers that they write usually are very simple because they break it 
down for dummies like me can become real good at it!!

But how about actually developing BGP itself, maybe BGP ver. 5 with more 
attributes and refinements.....Maybe this might come after a Masters in 
Maths and a PHd...perhaps :->

Just ask Tony Li!!

>From: "Mwalie W" 
>Reply-To: "Mwalie W" 
>To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Cisco's BGP Course is Okay [7:70038]
>Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 03:36:36 GMT
>Hi All,
>This is just a comment arising after I read a paper in the current IEEE
>Communications Magazine.
>I was a little surprised. The paper is, of course, a refereed paper and was
>written by three guys, one of them a PhD.
>I was surprised because I could write the same paper just from the 
>I gained on BGP through self-study. I understood the paper in its entirety
>without any struggle at all.
>So, my main point is that we can get good knowledge through Cisco
>Certifications, knowledge which can even help us attend conferences and
>present very decent papers.
>Good Luck.
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