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Re: Prolonged Batchlers Vs. CCNP ? [7:69483] posted 06/02/2003
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> This sort of thinking is why I've decided to skip the CCNP and just work on
> the CCIE.  As long as Cisco keeps it insanely difficult with the lab exam
> being the majority of the work required it will be valuable.
> -- 
>                                John A. Kilpatrick

Go for it!  Skip the CCNP and aim for the CCIE  (or heck, skip the 
CCNA too).  It is a bit hard, but come on, this stuff is not rocket 
science.  Practice practice, and if you are a fast learned, decent 
typer, fast thinker, you can do it.

But, do learn Cisco's methodologies for troubleshooting and 
Ciscoisms.  Also, learn the basic layout of how the documentation is. 
 Think fast, and implement fast and you got it.  ;)

Of course much easier said than done.

-Carroll Kong

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