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Re: Help with Cisco 3745 configuration [7:69765] posted 06/02/2003
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Need a lot more info than that, $5K might not be so bad after all, 
the phone company needs to make a living too:)


J B wrote:
> Hi, Everyone
> I just been awarded the responsibility of installing 4 3745 Cisco routers. 
> The local phone company wanted $5500 dollars for the installation and my
> employer thinks is to much.  I was looking at the Cisco website for sample
> configurations but I couldn't find them.  I need to share the T1 channels
> link for voice and data.  I haven't done Cisco for like 2 years.  Can
> someone help me with some guidance to find some information in how to do
> Thanks
> JBary 
David Madland
CCIE# 2016
Sr. Network Engineer
Qwest Communications

"Government can do something for the people only in proportion as it
can do something to the people." -- Thomas Jefferson

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