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Re: CVOICE [7:68061] posted 04/25/2003
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Don't use books to study for the IP Telephony Support Specialist exams. 
The Cisco Press books claiming to be for those exams (especially the 
CVOICE, but the IP Telephony as well) won't get you anywhere near 
passing.  The books are just way to far out of date.

I started with the books, then (once I compared the book content to the 
exam content) switched to the Knowledgenet on-line courses.  The on-line 
courses do an excellent job of covering the test material.  A lot more 
costly, but perhaps you can get your work to pick up the tab.

- Tom

Amir Tahir wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all i would like to say thanks to all of you guys to helped me to
> become CCNP certified. I am interested to go for Voice over IP and found a
> certification track "IP TELEPHONY SUPPORT SPECIALIST". If someone could let
> me know how to prepar myself for next goal and which books do i have to
> study. I tried to find books from cisco press and a little confused :-(. If
> some one is intrested to sell his/her books i am interested to buy them.
> Thanks for help, Advise, and cooperation.
> regards
> Amir

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