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RE: hardware list for home study lab [7:68095] posted 04/25/2003
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I think it's up to personal choice as to ultimately what is needed.  At
a minimum people will need 3 or 4 2500 series routers, a switch such as
a 2934xl would be nice and some serial cables and cat5 cables.   That
will allow you to do much of the routing fundamentals.  For things such
as ISDN, ATM, VOICE and 3550 you may want to rent some rack time versus
buying it yourself.   Just my .02 worth.

Rack Rentals and Lab Scenarios starting at $20

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Subject: hardware list for home study lab [7:68095]

Is there an official list of hardware that one should have in order to 
prepare for the higher level certs?

i.e. first CCNP and CCDP, eventually CCIE


Paul Greene

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