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Re: Port Security on IOS based switch & cat 5505 layer 2 [7:67841] posted 04/22/2003
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I can't answer your first one, but the 5505 you're talking about probably
used a different console lead. From memory, the Supervisor 2's did, can't
remember what else. Use a straight cable instead of the rolled cable (same
as Foundry - useless information).
For your third one - you should get out more :-)


""John Brandis""  wrote in message
> Hey All,
> Has any one implemented port based secrutiy on an IOS based switch, namely
> 4006 or 2950 ?
> I found a lot of docs, but all related to SET based swtch's
> Also, does any one ever come across the layer 2 module on the cat5505 and
> its console port being problematic ???? Does the 5505 on the layer 2
> use a normal cisco console cable ????
> Does any one want to send me a complex pix config ??? I am very bored...
> jb
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