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RE: Used Cisco Equipment [7:67817] posted 04/21/2003
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Cisco now has specific rules pertaining to equipment purchased on ebay.  In
order to get smartnet on the equipment you must have the equipment inspected
by a cisco SE to get it approved.  The fees very by equipement for the
inspection and can get very costly.  For instance a 7000 series router costs
about $7000 for the inspection and coverage for SmartNet !!  There is an
entire list on CCO of pricing as well as the procedure for getting
maintenance on equipment purchased on the gray market.  It would probably be
cheaper and easier just the buy used equipment directly from Cisco.  This is
one way of trying to recoop money they are losing on direct sales from ebay.
I got a huge internal memo on this and you can see the public version on cco
somewhere, just do a search.


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Hello all,

I am knocking around the idea of starting my own business.  In doing so, I
am looking at purchasing used Cisco equipment to start the business with
minimal cost, and then build from there.

Does any one know if you buy used equipment from a dealer, eBay, etc, can
you buy a maintenance contract direct from Cisco or a reseller to cover
replacement parts for this equipment, and if so, how does it compare to a
maintenance contract for new equipment?

I would appreciate any help that you can provide.  Thanks.

Dave C.

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