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Re: interesting issues with T1 circuit [7:67695] posted 04/21/2003
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    Well, me changing the keepalives to 'keepalive 3' seems to shorten the
time in which the interfaces times out to the time it pings ok.  What we've
noticed today is that we had an issue with eBGP and the link between the two
sites were fine.   As soon as I fixed the eBGP to our carrier, the link went
sporatically bad again.  Now I'm not a BGP guru so if anyone could help,
I'd appreciate it.


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From: "s vermill" 
Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2003 11:21 AM
Subject: RE: interesting issues with T1 circuit [7:67695]

> Nate,
> Seems to me I've seen a similar issue in the past.  It was related to
> keepalives not getting through in time due to heavy traffic.  Don't
> all the details of the fix action.  Either 'no keepalive' or maybe
> 'keepalive 3' to shorten the interval.  Something like that.  Just one
> remote possibility.  Some debugging might help to see exactly why the
> interface is being taken down too, but I'm not sure which debug you'll
> to turn on.
> Also, have you verified that the interface isn't taking massive errors or
> carrier transitions since the change in hardware/cabling?
> Let us know what you find out...
> Scott
> Nate wrote:
> >
> > guys, this is boggling my mind.
> >
> > we recently changed hardware from DB60 serial cable to smart
> > serial between
> > a link from site A to site B.  We changed nothing else between
> > sites.  Now,
> > when there is excessive traffic, the line goes down.  Does
> > anyone have any
> > idea what's going on?
> >
> > site A:
> > smart serial -> paradyne 7112 CSU/DSU
> >
> > site B:
> > db 60 -> paradyne 7112 CSU/DSU.
> >
> > does anyone have any ideas?

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