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Re: 642-871 ARCH [7:67704] posted 04/19/2003
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That's very interesting, I have decided to give up my CCDP preparation and
going directly to CCIE, because I am CCNP, but I haven't taken the 640-901
BSCI but the old 640-503, so would I have to take both BSCI and ARCH, or
perhaps the new 3 exams?
I am beginning to be a bit upset with Cisco's policy of changing their
certification tracks so often. They say that it's a question of adapting to
new technologies, but I think it's a simple question of making money.


Cisco Nuts wrote:
> Alex,
> Are you looking to get recertified or just get your new CCDP
> cert?
> I am also looking for any materials on this new exam (still
> beta) but
> nothing as of right now.
> I wonder if we existing CCNP's need to go over the whole
> process (that of
> taking the new 3 CCDP exams) OR would just a single exam (ARCH)
> suffice?
> Anyone know?
> Thank you.
> CN
> >From: "Alex Edwards" >Reply-To: "Alex Edwards" >To:
> cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Subject: 642-871 ARCH [7:67704] >Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003
> 19:31:39 GMT >
> >Hello, > >Does anyone know if ciscopress have released a book
> for the
> Designing >Cisco Network Architectures (new exam 642-871
> required for
> CCDP) >course? I looked at but found nothing. >
> >I believe
> the old CID has been retired so there's no point buying the
> >book for
> that. > >Does this mean that anyone wanting to get CCDP,
> without taking
> the >course, must stay put until ciscopress release the course
> book? >
> >Thanks > > > > > >
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