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RE: CCNP Lab [7:67552] posted 04/16/2003
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I'm in a similar boat having just passed CCNA and now studying for CCNP.  In
addition to the router you have I believe you'll need another router or two
if possible.  You might consider one of them being a 2520 that you can set
up as a frame switch.  You'll also need at least one switch, a 1912 or 1924
and if you are intending to move on to CCIE after CCNP and can afford it you
may want to invest in an ISDN simulator.  I'm using the Sybex study kit by
Lammle and Cisco Press books for reference material.  I'm not sure whether
you can mix and match exam versions.

I hope this helps.


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Hi all,

I am looking to start studying for CCNP cert.

I currently have a 2501 & a 2516 which I used for CCNA study, What would
people recommend I add to this to assist with CCNP study.

Also does anyone know when the study material will be out for the new
exams & will I be able to mix & match old and new exams to gain CCNP


Stu P


Stuart Pittwood, CCNA, MCSE

IT Technician

Amery-Parkes Solicitors

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