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RE: New CCNP! - How to break in? [7:67404] posted 04/14/2003
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I am in the same boat.  I am back at school working on an associate's
degree.  I am also studying for the CCNP Switching exam.  It is hard to
juggle studying different things at the same time but I just keep telling
myself that it will pay off in the end.  Can anyone out there tell me when
it comes to hiring someone if a degree is an absolute must?  Thanks, 


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Something else that appears as if it may be a problem for me (and if I don't
get many responses I may start another thread on the topic!) is that I do
not have a degree. For many reasons of a varying nature I never did the
academia thing and now find many jobs stating clearly they will even
consider an applicant without a degree. Doesn't matter if you're a CCIE,
MCSE, RHCE or anything else, no degree, CV goes in the bin.

So what do I do about it? I have considered a part-time degree but
committing myself to all those years of study (up to 5 years part time!) now
just doesn't appeal to me.

I have heard recently of certain universities (I'm in the UK) offering to
write off many of the modules required to obtain your degree if you have
certifications such as the CCNP and MCSE. Can anybody confirm or refute
this? I would be especially interested if you are aware of a Uni in the UK
offering such a setup.

Regards, James.

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