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Re: blocking Kazaa and the messenger services [7:67025] posted 04/12/2003
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You can use the new NBAR Qos tools to identify kazaa and then police it.
NBAR is in 12.2,  and is used to classify/identify dynamic protocols.   Once
in a class, you can create a policy map .
Something like this
class-map match-any mykazza
!  fastrack = kazza, morpheus etc.
    match protocol fasttrack file-transfer "*"
! police to 8kbs
policy-map squash-kazza
    class my-kazza
          police 8000
int e0/0
   service-policy input squash-kazza


(if that link doesn't work, try just searching CCO for NBAR

""Barbu Alexandru""  wrote in message
> Hi there!
>      I was wondering whether there are people up there
> who played a bit with kazaa and come up with a
> firewall solution for linux.. Someone asked me to help
> them and they want to implement this firewall on a
> linux box. Blocking the 1214 port doesn't seem to work
> at all. I also have to stop all messenger services
> (MSNMessenger, Yahoo Messenger and so on).
>      Any ideeas?
> Thanks a lot,
> Alexandru Barbu
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> For a better Internet experience

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