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RE: Stoping SPAM email via Cisco Router or FW [7:6 [7:67283] posted 04/11/2003
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Very strange indeed, stopping spam by peering with a black lister using
eBGP-multihop!? :-) Is that what it's doing? I'd be interested in hearing
what the BGP and Internet routing experts on the list think of this.

Thanks for telling us about it.


Marko Milivojevic wrote:
> This was very interesting thread, but, actually, there is a way
> to
> use Cisco routers to "stop" SPAM. Well, limit the amount of it,
> anyway :-).
> 	MAPS RBL is offering BGP "feed" of IP's they have in their
> black
> list. What you do with what you get from them is up to you, but
> anyway:
> 	Note that this service was not free last time I checked.
> Marko.
> P.S. I'm not in any way affiliated with MAPS RBL.
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