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ISDN Backup [7:67195] posted 04/10/2003
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Hi all,

Let's say we have a remote side router RouterA which fires ISDN to Central
side router RouterB on failure of it's serial link. Objective: In the event
of the unavailibility of RouterB, Router should fire ISDN to another Central
Site router RouterC. 
It should fire ISDN to Router C only when it cannot connect to RouterB. ie.
It should always try RouterB first and then RouterC.

I am aware that you can put multiple dialer map command on RouterA with
different dialled numbers. But the router always dialled the number to which
it had connected successfully last time. It, sort of, remembered the last
successful number (maybe it was problem with the IOS ver. or maybe a
feature, i dunno)
Any ideas about how to acheive the above objective and that too predictably
and deterministically???

Thanks and Regards   


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