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IPTV through VPN [7:67180] posted 04/09/2003
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I am looking for assistance with an IPTV session (multicast) for a remote
VPN client.


Home based user connects to the VPN Concentrator (version 3.6.5) via a Cisco
VPN client (v3.6.3).  The home based user then initiates an IPTV session on
a device behind the concentrator (internal to corp network) to be viewed on
his home PC.

Can anyone point me in a direction where I may find some info?  This could
be considered bleeding edge and I know there may not be much information out
there so if anyone is doing this and can lend some pointers it would be

We have IPTV over IPSec running for unicast sessions without any
difficulty.  It is the multicast sessions were we need assistance.

Any help would be appreciated


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