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RE: BSCI Test Scores?? [7:67119] posted 04/09/2003
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Depends on your definition of 'free' really.

I have read in the disclaimer at the start of exams that the minimum score
is 300, so in theory, even if you get all questions wrong, you will still
get 300 points.

OTOH, perhaps the systems is such that any scores below 300 are rounded up
to 300 anyway and each question has a fixed score (different per question).

Other related questions:
Who knows?
Does it *really* matter how many points per question?
Will Cisco follow Microsoft and have only PASS/FAIL results? (Which is all
we want to know anyway!!)


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It must actually be interesting.

Do I then understand that one is getting 300 points free? I am getting to
doubt this. I imagine that the final computation is specially made such that
one does not just get 300 free points.

I honestly believe so, because it would make passing a little easy, I mean,
someone would only need to get 400/700, which is achievable actually.

>From my experience with CID, one does not get those 300 points just free.

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