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BGP Question...?? [7:66919] posted 04/05/2003
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Hi All,

    I am trying to better understand a particular BGP scenario, thought
someone might shed some light. This is probably very simple, i am just
missing the punchline. If you have 2 routers, one let's say running in AS100
the other running in AS200, and you had to EBGP peer with from
AS100 router. You were required to use the Ethernet0/0 ip on AS100 router
for peering, would you configure your neighbor statment pointing
to and update the source to Ethernet 0/0?,(I tried this and was
no good) even after a debug ip bgp. I think maybe a secondary address on the ethernet might be a way to go. Basically, is
a route generator that I would need to peer with in order to recieve several
external routes. I dont have any configs to post at the moment, but just
trying to get an outside opinion.


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