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Re: 10/100/1000 Switch? [7:66851] posted 04/04/2003
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""Greg Rend""  wrote in message ...
> Does anyone know if/when Cisco is going to announce a standalone
> (2950, 3550), triple speed switch? If there is already one out
> there from Cisco (standalone) please excuse my ignorance. I haven't
> been about to track one down. I know Cisco has a 3550-12T Switch
> but ony 12 10/100/1000 ports. Word on the street is that Cisco is
> going to announce a higher density, anyone have any news?

Well considering Cisco just came out with the Sup720 and have
10/100/1000 modules for the 6500 platform finally on the official
roadmap (announcement in May) -- I don't forsee them having it on
smaller switches in bulk until much later.  10/100/1000 has been
available on the Catalyst 4000 series for quite some time now,
however, so that would likely be the platform of choice for
10/100/1000 applications.  Or maybe another vendor.


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