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RE: Debug display to VTY [7:66762] posted 04/04/2003
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James Gosnold wrote:
> Hi, this seemed to do the trick, thanks.

What worked? You got lots of suggestions.

If you press the Quote button first, then your message will include the
message that you are responding to, so we can see it.

I'm frustrated every time I try to look at debug messages when Telnetted
into a router. Argh. :-)

Is this what it takes, and do you do this on the router that you are
telnetting to or the one you are telnetting from??

logging on 
logging monitor debug 
terminal monitor


> Just found it confusing as having gone through the various CCNA
> literature it seems to ram home that all you need enter is the
> 'terminal monitor' command and then debug what you need.
> This works on my home routers IOS 12.0 on Cisco 3000 but not on
> these 1721's at work (IOS 12.2).

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