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Re: IP route to Null0? [7:66755] posted 04/03/2003
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null0 is used as an alternative to access-lists. it is a blackhole. so
anything routed to it gets dropped automatically. an access-list uses more
processor overhead than a null interface and thus if you have a certain part
of your network that you don't want to go anywhere, then use a null
interface instead of access-lists.

as for why its a floating route or the tie-ins to bgp, thats beyond me and
hopefully someone comments on this. bgp makes my head hurt.


""Anil Gupte""  wrote in message
> I am trying to understand some IP route commands on our router.  Several
> them go to Null0 - what does that mean?
> For example, I have
> ip route Null0 200
> What is this doing?
> I need to add another block of class Cs from the same provider. Do I need
> a similar statement to the above?
> Thanx for your help.
> Anil Gupte

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