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RE: PAT AFTER NAT (confused) [7:66734] posted 04/03/2003
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I have been following this thread with great interest, for I had
problems with PAT/NAT in IOS recently. It looks to me that many people have
the same confusions (hopes) as I had.

	I have a case where I have many users on private address space
(around 1000 or so) which must be NAT-ed through a pool of 768 "real"
addresses. This are all, mostly, heavy users (xDSL customers).

	I have foolishly hoped that if I configure pool with overload, IOS
will do 1:1 and when it runs out of addresses, it will do PAT. Well, I was
wrong. And that's wrong at a price. Not only that IOS is immediately
performing PAT, but PAT is *much* more CPU intensive than 1:1 NAT. Also, it
is not possible to define multiple address ranges or pools for the same
translation (I would greatly appreciate if someone corrects me here).

	So, from my experience with this matter:

	* it is not easily possible to do NAT and switch to PAT when
addresses run out
	* if you define overload, IOS automatically does PAT, with more CPU

	One way of getting away from running out of NAT addresses is to
lower translation timeout (default is I think 24h). This timeout defines how
long NAT relationship remains between real and private IP. You can lower
this to one hour by doing:

	ip nat translation timeout 3600

	In my experience, this proved to be useful in this, far from 1:1
scenario. Further lowering this to some 15 minutes or so, could cause more
load on router (guesswork), but hugely decrease your chances of running out
of translation addresses.

Kind regards,

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