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RE: 1720 crashing every week [7:66080] posted 03/29/2003
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I had the same model and the same problem in 2001. I was doing prettyt much
the same setup also, however I had PAT in use. For some reason (which was
reoslved with an IOS upgrade), the box would die but luckily I would get a
dump at that time of the memory etc. I got onto the TAC and they had a newer
mid release IOS that solved my problem, however I did look stupid as my
router would die in the middle of the day, right when net usage was at its
highest. Possibly the router/IOS could not handle the PAT to well..

Hope this helps you.


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Subject: 1720 crashing every week [7:66080]

Hi Folks,

I got two 1720's connected with a two bri's. I am running PPP multilink on
them, it is basic ISDN setup with PPP Multilink,Also I have set up a very
high idle-timer on the dialer interface just to keep them up indefinitely,
but the routers crash every week and I have to manually reset them and, then
they work fine for a week.Any help will be highly appreciated.



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