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BGP exam in prep. for the CCIE Lab!! [7:66432] posted 03/29/2003
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Hello,The new BGP exam(beta) for the CCIP exam is a great one (imho) in
prep. for the actual CCIE Lab.....It really tests your skill and deep
understanding of your BGP knowledge......133 questions in 250 minutes
(slightly less than 2 minutes per question), which I think was not
enough.....Diagrams after diagrams.....The testing site refused to give
me just plain white sheets of paper and also refused for me to take my
color pens, even my normal pens!!...... So it was a real 'drag' trying to
draw diagrams in the provided "plastic sheets" as it smudges and no place
to write but on my knees!!..... Reminded me so much of that 'dreaded
place' that many us have been or will be soon ;-> since I had
the similiar experience there!!!Uuh!! how my wrists hurt since they are
hanging on the edge of that stupid desk!! I have taken over 30 exams in
my professional career starting with the CNA/CNE 3 way back in 1995 with
no problem in acquiring generous sheets of white paper and plenty of
space to write...But this one??Anyways, the results are going to be
mailed in a couple of weeks. Just prep'd. for a week since someone last
week posted this new exam info. on this site.......And as Monday the 31st
was the last day, I decided to take it on Friday (lest  I failed and
could retake it on Monday again!!) But since I am going to know the
results in a couple of weeks, I might just chill for now and pray I
passed........hopefully I did ;->Anyone else who has taken the exam, any


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