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Re: Router ID? [7:66108] posted 03/25/2003
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OSPF uses a router ID in it's advertisements to other neighbors.  
The router id is simply the highest IP address of a loopback if you 
have them configured and if not then the highest IP of an active 
interface.  I don't think it's a reachability type question - the 
neighbors certainly need to be able to talk to each other and learn 
about the topology - but the addresses they use to send traffic can 
be different than the IP used in the router id.

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On 25 Mar 2003 at 4:24, XY HIEN LE wrote:

> Hi all,
> Two routing protocols: OSPF and EIGRP DO need to have their own router
> ID reachable by other routers to have proper network connectivity, or am
> I incorrect?
> Any confirmation on this is much appreciated.
> Xy

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