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Farm Site [7:66090] posted 03/24/2003
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This is a network requirement:

It is a Farm Site, with Channel interfaces, connection to Mainframe (OSA
215 other server (Windows 2000 and Unix) and 31 serial interfaces.

There will be one 10 Mbps ATM PVCs to each big site (5 PVCs total) and
1Mbps serial links to small sites (31 sites).

The idea was using a 6509 with FlexWan and ATM interfaces to provide high
access to the most high speed requirement corporate sites.  The 6509 would
also provide 215 FaEthernet interfaces to the servers.  For small office,
routers 7507 would be used. The 7507 would also provide interfaces to the
Channels and to the OSA interfaces of a Mainframe.

  Corporate Sites---- ATM Cloud------ 6509 com FlexWan e PA ATM -------215
  FastEthernet interfaces
                                              |    |
                                              |    |
                                              | 7507------------ 15 serial
                                              |   |  |_____________channel
                                              |   |__________________to OSA
                                           7507---------------16 serial
                                              |   |_____________channel
                                              |__________________to OSA ATM

Redundancy is not a concernment. Its is a mirror site and will be used
during the recovery time of the main Farm site

Any Thought ?

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