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RE: PDM Question [7:65954] posted 03/21/2003
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Make sure you don't have the sun java sdk installed on your management
machine, otherwise the PDM is filthily slow.

It's not bad actually, I don't think you can do everything through it,
but it is quite good.


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From: Hartnell, George [mailto:george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: PDM Question [7:65954]

Hi there,

I've got a 515UR failover I jus' upgraded from 5.3(1) to 6.1(4).  I'd
like to pop PDM on that system(s) and try that interface out.

I'm a command line kind of guy, so am comfortable with CLI, but, I've
heard that PDM is a worthy utility.

Any words of wisdom on PDM installation?

Best, G.

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