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Re: 2511 Reverse Telnet [7:65828] posted 03/20/2003
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Sounds like a possible config issue.  You can post your config if 
unsure.  Make sure you have transport input telnet and no exec 
under line 1 16.


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On 20 Mar 2003 at 10:40, Tim Champion wrote:

> Help please! I have just bought a 2511 and am attempting to use it for
> reverse telnet. I have connected each of the octal cable RJ-45 cables into
> console port. I initiate a reverse telnet session and can recieve data,
> when I power on the target router I recieve boot loader etc messages up
> until "press return to start". The problem is I can't send anything,
> pressing return doesn't work.
> I am reseanably confident that I have entered all the right commands. Can
> anyone shed any light on this?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Tim

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