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Re: Dynamic Natting with a CISCO 1601R [7:64757] posted 03/07/2003
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try putting more memory in, the max i think is 24, but default is like 12.
ios 12.0 requires 8MB, so you're only really working with 4MB.


""Hyman, Craig""  wrote in message
> ALL-
> I am having a problem with Dynamic Natting using a 1601R router over Frame
> Relay. Every time I set it up to use over 60 addresses the router hangs or
> reboots.
> I am using IOS 120221a IP PLUS
> I am being told by CISCO that this IOS is not specifically used for any
> of natting.  What do I do if I need to use Dynamic or PAT NAT Mapping?
> Any help would be well appreciated?
> Thanks in Advance
> SRS Implementation Team
> SRS Tier 2
> Pager# 1-888-860-5913
> Virtual Office# 303-604-0037
> SUN Office# 303-272-2661

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