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Re: ip ospf dead-interval [7:64311] posted 03/07/2003
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alaerte Vidali wrote:
> Am I missing something? Because I do can use the command 'ip
> ospf dead-interval'

The original question was how to change the dead interval without using the
dead-interval command. It tests your knowledge of one aspect of the OSPF
protocol, rather than your practical knowledge of OSPF configuration.

One more technical comment below.

> R1#conf t
> Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
> R1(config)#
> R1(config)#int s 0.12
> R1(config-subif)#
> R1(config-subif)#ip ospf dead-interval 20
> R1(config-subif)#
> R1(config-subif)#^Z
> R1#sh ip ospf int s 0.12
> Serial0.12 is down, line protocol is down
>   Internet Address, Area 0
>   Process ID 3, Router ID, Network Type
> POINT_TO_POINT, Cost: 64
>   Transmit Delay is 1 sec, State DOWN,
>   Timer intervals configured, Hello 10, Dead 20, Wait 20,
> Retransmit 5

Notice that the hello didn't change. That's new. Older versions of IOS used
to change the hello if you changed the dead. Newer ones don't, although they
do change the dead if you change the hello.

By the way, in the real world, you would want to change the neighbors too.
They will fail to become adjacent if they don't agree on these timers, if
I'm not mistaken.

This thread has exceeded its dead interval, I think! ;-)


> sh version
> R1#sh ver
> Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
> IOS (tm) 2500 Software (C2500-JS56I-L), Version 12.1(17),
> 1)

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