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Re: ip ospf dead-interval [7:64311] posted 03/07/2003
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in real life its hard for me to keep my mouth shut, so even if I intend to
be elusive in answers from now on, I'll probably just shoot my mouth off
here too and just give the answer.

I suppose some of us new-comers will keep you 'old farts' on your toes! ;)
(you know who you are!)


""fred barreras""  wrote in message
> CiscoPress book for CCNP routing is very specific on changing hello
> and having dead/interval setting changing automatically.  I would have
> the answer and said where I found it. What some people are suggesting is
> that when anybody posts a question the answer should be, "buy my book". If
> people do not to want help other people out, or at least point them in the
> right direction, then what is the point of groupstudy? Just like any other
> sire, this one is also not perfect.  I guess I just have to learn whose
> threads to bypass and not read at all. Just curious.  nilesh bothra wrote:

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