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Re: "Extra" IP addresses for VLANs? [7:64570] posted 03/06/2003
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""Mossburg, Geoff (MAN-Corporate)""  wrote in
message news:200303060431.EAB08217@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I'm full of questions tonight...
> My company's Catalyst 6509's MSFC has VLANs configured with IP addresses
> the x.x.x.1 format, but I've noticed that I can telnet to the MSFC by
> substituting x.x.x.0 or x.x.x.255 for any of the VLAN addresses. Is this
> normal??? It seems to me like it may be a security risk, but I really
> know enough about VLANs to be sure. Any ideas?

this might seem like a dumb question, but are there vlans or even hosts with
the paticular address?

in a subnet with a prefix shorter than /24, the 0 or the 255 might be a
legitimate host address.

could be a bug too, but I'd want to know the prefix length and more detail.

> Geoff Mossburg

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