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Re: OSPF attempting to form adjacencies with non-DR/BDR [7:64468] posted 03/05/2003
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   I'm going to take a stab at this because I JUST started working with 
OSPF in my lab at home.  However, in the Cisco doc.s they were saying 
it's good practice to set your priority level to zero.  Actually here is 
the paragraph.

"OSPF routers all have the same priority value by default: 1. You can 
assign a priority from 0 to 255 on any given OSPF interface. A priority 
of 0 prevents the router from winning any election on that interface. A 
priority of 255 ensures at least a tie. The Router ID field is used to 
break ties; if two routers have the same priority, the router with the 
highest ID will be selected. You can manipulate the router ID by 
configuring an address on a loopback interface, although that is not the 
preferred way to control the DR/BDR election process. The priority value 
should be used instead because each interface can have its own unique 
priority value. You can easily configure a router to win an election on 
one interface, and lose an election on another."

This is from the Cisco Semester 5 Networking academy.  I hope it helps.

Also the info was saying if you wanted to make one router always be the 
DR to set the loopback address a very high ip address.  This ensures 
that as long as the router is up the loopback with the highest address 
will always be the DR.

Just a request for all who read this.  Please let me know if this is 
correct.  As I stated I'm just starting on OSPF and would love feed back 
to see if I am understanding this correctly.


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