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ATM SVC's on a 7000/RP1` [7:64384] posted 03/04/2003
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Does anyone know whether the 7000/RP1 combination will properly support ATM
SVC's?  I have finally gotten SVC negotiation to work on a Madge ATM switch
to the point that I can set up LANE and ping the switch.  On standard SVC's
I have finally gotten around the error code 96 for missing info elt. 
However, I am now getting an error 88 which appears to originate at the
remote end of the SVC pipe.  I have connected/mapped one ATM sub-if on an
RSP7000 with the "svc " command and set the encaps to aal5mux, and I have
configured the 7000/RP1 to use a map-group that is configured to use aal5mux
(the only option I can find to set the aal other than the aal3/4 setting
under the "atm" subcommand).  Ip addresses are and 
ESI's seem to be correct (0172.1801.0001.00 and 0172.1801.0002.00).  ILMI
registers the endpoints properly on the switch.  The switch shows reciprocal
traffic between the two routers relative to error code 88 in one direction
and error code 31 in the other direction so it appears that the traffic is
transiting the switch properly.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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