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Re: Can't get a PIX 506 to get DHCP from Comcast Cable. [7:64222] posted 03/03/2003
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if it doesn't work, try to do this mannually in configuration mode:
ip address outside dhcp setroute retry 5
You may have to do it several times for it to work.  I live in MD and my
cable modem
provider is comcast and it works.
 H Howard Lewis Bloom  wrote:I updated a PIX 506 with 6.2.2 and the lastest
PDM. I did the setup
through the PDM, setup PAT for the outside to inside interface, and
told it to use DHCP to acquire on the outside interface.

Comcast assigns IP addresses in the Philadelphia area according to the
MAC address, so if you change the network card or device attached to
the cable modem you'll get a different IP.

I turned the modem off, attached the Pix, turned on the modem, and
then fired up the PiX. 

The standard settings in the PDM should work, but it isn't.

Has anyone had any luck getting the Pix to get dhcp from Comcast?

Howard Bloom
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