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RE: RPC Endpoint Mapper [7:63916] posted 02/26/2003
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In the olden days, in a Unix world, RPC required PortMappter. Maybe you
could look that up? Not sure if there's a space, i.e. Port Mapper. I don't
think there is.

It's a separate protocol for assigning port numbers. You should see evidence
of it on your Sniffer if it still exists.

What operating system are you talking about? Windows does RPC too but I
don't know it very well.


> Anyone know of a good resource on RPC endpoint mapper?  I
> trying to find
> where in the packet the server tells the client which [new]
> port to come
> back on.  Using a sniffer, but I cant seem to nail down where
> in the payload
> the "future" port is passed to the client.
> a google search of "rpc endpoint mapper sniffer"  has resulted
> in a lot of
> conversations about how RPC works, but not at the packet level
> :(
> don't mind RTFMing...but so far I can't find a good URL
> at least the FTP protocol "states" which port :)
> Thanks,
> TroyC

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