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RE: Performance monitoring [7:63729] posted 02/25/2003
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Hi Stuart, 

One of the easiest ways to gather this sort of info is to use something like
MRTG (or even better Cricket, using RRD Tool).  These free programs
periodically gather stats from the router and store it.  You can then query
this data and it would draw nice pretty graphs showing you exact usage
through out the day / week / month etc. This can provide very insightful
infromation into data flows, peak periods, sustained throughput etc!  (With
cricket you can also gather stats on interface errors, cpu usage, memory
usage, basically anything that you can snmpwalk ! )

Look at

Stuart Pittwood wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a 1Mb kilostream between our two offices connected via
> the
> serial interface on two Cisco 1720s, is there anyway I can see
> how much
> of the 1Mb is being used, what % of time it is using all of the
> line
> etc.
> Thanks
> Stu

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