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RE: 6009 CatOS IP Address .... [7:63703] posted 02/25/2003
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Hi Doyley ... 

What are you trying to achieve, by the sounds of it you want to set an ip
address for the Cat so you can telnet to it?  This is done my setting the
sc0 interface on the catOS.
Eg. (CatOS)
set int sc0   

If you want to set IP's for the actual VLAN interfaces you need to do this
on the MSFC / RSM itself, by making a interface  and then setting the ip

Hope this helps ! 

Doyley wrote:
> Hi all ...
> I am not too hot on CatOS at all, hence the following question
> ..
> Can I apply an IP address either to a FastEthernet port or to a
> VLAN ??? and
> if so .. how ..
> I have and am continuing to browse the Cisco website without
> any luck ...
> Kind regards
> Doyley ...

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