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RE: adding new switch to VTP domain [7:63654] posted 02/24/2003
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For the second practice do the following.
1 Clear config all
2 Power cycle the switch
3 If server mode is used make sure the configuration revision number is 0

Daniel Ladrach

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Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 4:33 PM
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Subject: adding new switch to VTP domain [7:63654]

Hi All,
Tommorrow I will be adding a new 2950 to my switch fabric. I will add
another GBIC copper module to my 4006. Does any one know if I can just
insert it whilst on ? I remember last time I done this under the old IOS for
the 4006 with the supIII, it had a cow and just died. I have the latest IOS
on the cat 4006 supIII now and I wonder if it will be an issue ?
Also, a gotcha I came across because I do things sometimes to quick (lesson
for learners, dont do stupid things) I added a new switch to my VTP domain,
and lost info such as VLAns and the like. What I tend to do these days, is
the make the switch a client on the VTP domain, before inserting it, change
the vtp domain, add it with the cables, then change the vtp domain info back
but keeping it a a client. Is this good practice ?
Any one know about my first issue ?



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