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Where to Start for CCNP [7:63630] posted 02/24/2003
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I recently passed my CCNA, and I am interested in starting on my CCNP. 
I am taking classes at a local college that offers 10 week classes based 
around each of the 4 tests.  Basically the CCNP path lasts 40 weeks.  I 
start in the fall and I wanted to get a jump start on my learning as I 
have been told the skill level between the 2 certs is great.  I have a 
few low end routers as home, and 1 5000 switch.  Can any one point me in 
the right direction as far where I should start?  Should I just buy a 
book on OSPF or BGP for the routing section? Or is there a better way.

Thanks all,

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