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RE: Different usename n pwd for PAP and CHAP [7:63442] posted 02/22/2003
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Hi Troy 
Thanks for the reply

   So, this would mean, there is no possibility of using one set of
username/password for CHAP and another set for PAP, i guess.
The same set of username/password for eg: cisco/cisco would be used for both


Troy Leliard wrote:
> Normally you would only get one username / password., and the
> ISP would configure CHAP, then PAP authentication, ie if the
> cllent (user) tries to authenticate, and CHAP fails, it will
> then authenticate using PAP.  (CHAP Should always come first as
> it is the more secure authentication method).
> Hope this helps
> Deepak N wrote:
> > 
> > Hi 
> >   I am having this question. 
> > When configuring the username and password for PAP n CHAP, i
> am
> > giving different username n password.
> > Is there any customer scenario where this kind of situation is
> > there?
> > Also does the ISP provide different username n password for
> > different authentication types i.e, one set of username n
> > password for CHAP and another set of username and password for
> > PAP.
> >  i assume that ISP gives only one authentication type either
> > CHAP or PAP not both.
> >  I need inputs from all of you
> > 
> > Thanks in advance
> > 
> > Deepak

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