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RE: Lost Switch [7:63469] posted 02/21/2003
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How about adding a secondary address to the router interface, that would
allow you to telnet to the switch and change it's address.

Dave Swink

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Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003 10:20 PM
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Subject: Lost Switch [7:63469]

Our group got a support call that a port wasn't working on a switch.

A colleague started looking into the case and found that he couldn't connect
to the switch. (or ping etc)

He was able to get to another switch which is directly connected.

Using CDP he was able to see that the switch is incorrectly configured with
the wrong IP address.

The real subnet is 10.235.x.x  but CDP nei det says that the switch has
10.255.x.x configured.

Is there a way we can get to the switch and fix it over the wire?

Kevin Wigle

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