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RE: Connecting Console cable [7:63447] posted 02/21/2003
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This would work if you didn't go throgh the switch, ie from the router
console port -> patchpanel -> wall port -> to your PC (with DB converter

SamN wrote:
> I wish to gain access to a router console but it's in the
> server room while
> I am outside.
> Is it possible to do something like that:, Diagram-wise:
> Router---Switch---PatchPanel---User wall I/O---Computer
> I mean, just the way a user would be connected to the router
> ethernet port,
> i want to connect the user to the console port.
> If a solution ain't possible, I can get rid of the switch in
> the middle and
> directly go through the patch panels.
> Any solution would do.
> thank you.

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